Sammy Steiner

The Music

Toby Gottlieb

Let's put on a show

Amanda Black

That Camp Feelin'

Danielle Zelikovitz

Who needs tickets?

Brooke Rudman

Beautiful Branding

Orry Mevorach

Festival Vibes & Webhooks

Sol Birenbaum

The Big Talker

Steven Pulver

The Visionary

Corey Raubvogel

The Friendly Hustler

Friends of Highlands

Josh Gottlieb

Founding Co-Creator

Headshot of Izzy

Isabelle (Izzy) Moroni

What happens backstage, stays backstage!

Kory Vanderiviere

Is this mic on?

Jesse Reid

Can you hear everything ok...?

Aaron Kreuter

Writer in Residence

At the peak of the pandemic... and at the worst possible time, Pulver gave Sol (one of the owners of Camp Walden) an idea. Sol stewed on it for too long until finally it took hold. Sol turned his attention to putting an all-star team of dedicated young people together... not to work for Highlands but to Co-Create it! Sol texted Sammy. Sammy got really excited which showed Sol that Pulver wasn’t so crazy after-all. Danielle and Amanda who work with Sol insisted we call Orry and Brooke. Sol grabbed capable cousin’s Toby and Josh which made our 9-person co-creator team complete! People said… “if you build it, they will come.” But Sol called Corey to help that along! Early Bird tickets sold fast, Josh had a baby, and here we are… ready for the 2nd Annual Highlands Music Festival!