Highlands Music Festival logo

Thursday, September 26th - 29th, 2024

Takes place at Camp Walden in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands

38483 Highway 28

Palmer Rapids, Ontario

K0J 2E0, (45.2,-77.44)

For adults any age who are 19+

In the early 1960s, music festivals were a place of social action and political dialogue. The times were a changin’ and music was its tool. At some of those festivals you could sit on the grass, hugging your knees, and be just a few feet away from Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Young people had something to say and with a guitar in hand, they would play it and they would say it.

Since 1970, and set in Ontario’s beautiful Haliburton Highlands, Camp Walden has hosted hundreds of children each year for recreational summer programs. With 750 acres including its beautiful 100 acre private lake, 50 rustic camper cabins, a vaulting Dining Hall, and dozens of natural gathering spaces and trails, Walden is aptly named and a haven just 3 hours away from Toronto, and 2 from Ottawa.

Founded by its 9-person Co-Creator-Team, Highlands is a three- night Folk Music getaway celebrating the musical talent of many youthful Folk (and Folk’ish!) performances on its 3 stage setup at Camp Walden this September 26 - 29. Camp-style meals and basic accommodations are provided as part of the one-price- fits-all ticket format. With an intentional capacity of just 500, the weekend is, by design, meant to be an intimate gathering of music lovers looking to reconnect with the outdoors, with community, and with the healing power of the arts.

The times are changin’ again, and we think young people are worth listening to. Won’t you join us?